Hi. I'm 35 years old and married to my best friend. We have two (mostly!) sweet boys, Gray, and Parker. We really, really love them. This blog has been the escape for my feelings, questions, excitement, fears and the joy I felt in my ten months as a pregnant lady (twice).

Now I'm a mom of two....who knows what's next.

A friend recently emailed me to ask for recommendations of a few products, wanting to go green but not wanting to waste time or money trying a bunch of products that don’t work.

Here’s my answer:

- liquid body wash: Dr. Bronner’s Almond Soap (also used for hand soap and dish soap)
- nighttime face lotion: I’ve been using a nighttime cream made locally that I buy at our co-op, and also love Naturopathica’s Plant Stem Cell Serum
- powder: Don’t use it but have heard that the Josie Maran powder and Nvey powders are great.
- bronzer/blush: Jane Iredale, Nvey, 100% Pure tint.

This inspired me…I’m going to start highlighting one product weekly that I use and love.

Not because I’m sponsored, paid, or pushing anything in particular. But because at this point I’ve tried a ton of natural products and have some favorites that are great, and because I get a couple questions about products every week so hopefully this will help others.