Hi. I'm 35 years old and married to my best friend. We have two (mostly!) sweet boys, Gray, and Parker. We really, really love them. This blog has been the escape for my feelings, questions, excitement, fears and the joy I felt in my ten months as a pregnant lady (twice).

Now I'm a mom of two....who knows what's next.

While my 30 day Challenge with Naturopathica has ended, my love has not. For those of you who wrote and thought I’d sold out, or that those posts were spam, I assure you they were not. I wasn’t paid to write anything nor was my arm twisted to only write glowing reports. It’s just that good.

I had already been using several Naturopathica products, but have now found a true favorite.

The Plant Stem Cell Serum. I swear, this stuff has transformed my skin. The second it hits your skin, it feels like you’ve pulled a silk sheet over your cheeks, it’s that good. I’ve been using it at night, and have truly noticed such a big difference in how my skin looks and feels in the morning, and overall.

Of the four products I’ve used, I’m only planning to reorder three of them.
Oat Facial Polish (it’s made such a big difference and is light enough that I don’t feel like I’m overdoing it exfoliating every day)
Beech Tree & Ginseng Moisturizer(ahhh-mahhzing. Seriously, though I do wish it had SPF since I use it during the day.)
The Plant Stem Cell Serum

I’m not reordering the Chamomile Cleanser, because by the end of the day I always feel like I need a strong cleanser to wash the day away. Perhaps this is all in my head, as this gentle cleanser is lovely, but isn’t as satisfying.

In looking at what I want to order, I can’t help but take note of the prices. Naturopathica is expensive, but as I’ve come to realize, most products that have integrity and focus on being natural, are. Real ingredients are a lot more expensive than chemicals created in a lab, and I’ve decided I’m willing to pay for that difference.

One plus is that Naturopathica products go a loooooong way. I’m still not even close to finishing my sample sizes that were supposed to only last 30 days.

So if you’re looking for a great, natural skincare product, I cannot recommend Naturopathica enough. I’m in love.

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